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Really interesting events now in Bucharest. Yesterday have start the EUROPAfest, this event is a Music festival, Jazz, blues, pop & classic, in programme. For two weeks, from the May 4 – 19, EUROPAfest 2012 will revive the capital’s musical stage, gathering in Bucharest over 300 musicians from 45 countries, from Europe, but also from other countries. It’s all about live quality music !


One thought on “EUROPAfest

    Barry Hutton - Smythe said:
    May 20, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Just had the most amazing few days in Bucharest!!
    Came here for the first time ever on a cheap BA flight and discovered Europafest!!! Saw an amazing band on the Wednesday night, “The Quentin Angus Quintet”. They were so good we stayed in town and bought tickets for the other shows and Gala.
    Only disappointment was the result. No accounting for tastes I suppose, but with our amazing Wayne Brown (UK) as Director I had hoped for the American lads from the Wednesday show to get the win.

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