Technikalia 12

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Really interesting idea from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland. The 7 of May have start Technikalia 12, it will run to the 11 of May.

Technikalia 12 is the fourth edition of the week of student culture at Gdansk University of Technology. Also this year the Student Technical University of Gdansk, has made efforts, to prepare a program of four days of concert and many other attractions. T 12, an exceptional year and a new venue. The main concerts will be held from 7-10 May 2012 at the Technical University of Gdansk, on the street Wyspiański seventh T12 and the new draft Island 17 is a mini music festival Technical University. Open-air concerts, catering area and beer gardens. Four days of concerts, several artists from Polish and foreign. And all the dorms. Courtyard Wyspiański. Start every day at 17.00. This time, it will diversify, everyone will hear his preferred genre. During this year the stars were invited from abroad.


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