Behind the Scenes – Day 2

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Wow after an amazing first day and an extended late first night in the vip tent alongside a mix of multi cultured exceptional performances, the slightly sunburnt IFEA europe  behind the scense family arose early for day 2, to attend a two part round table meeting first with the stage producers  Jazzlent, Večer & Jurček Stage,  and follow up meeting with the Youth & Creative Underground a youth group which saw what was happening at the lent festival and thought they wanted to fill a gap for the youth scene a group formed and after a successful trail last year a whole new stage has developed in a reused cinema.

Following an informative presentation From the European city of culture team: our excited group moved on to an important meeting and presentation hosted and chaired by the principal of the University of Maribor.  Interesting points were raised by both sides with a more open awareness for culture and events management to be given priority and a stronger bond formed with ifea journey of expressions the meeting was ended with a taste of the on campus produced apple juice.

After a break from the every rising temperatures a surprise was in store following the groups venture in to the park for the art camp, with an amazing guided VIP tour of the wine cellars of the city, although the extend for 3 km under the city , we only entered the first section and were greeted with a fruitful wine selection for tasting.

The evening was wrapped up following a quick stop at the selection of top class food prepared in the new food festival section, with a visual light show on the cites Narodni dom building,   using a new projection technique called “Video Projection Mapping” the building was turned into a dynamic video display and overflowed with thousands of pictures.  Totally amazing an similar to the queens jubilee display


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