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Over the year we have have some interesting feed back from our members.  below is a selection of  What our members told us:


“IFEA has made the world of difference to me.”

“Coming from a relatively small country like Iceland, where the festival tradition is rather short, it is easy to get into the mode of discovering the wheel every time an event is being planned.

That is why an organization such as the IFEA has been an eye-opener and more importantly a venue in which to meet, discuss with and get excellent advice from a diverse and knowledgeable group of professionals – it has made the world of difference to me. “

Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Events Manager, Reykjavík.




“… has been instrumental in helping us solve some of our most critical problems.”

“IFEA Europe has been instrumental in enriching our festivals with many creative ideas and helping us solve some of our most critical problems.  One festival I work with is now celebrating its 10th year anniversary.  We may have made it this far on our own, but we definitely would not be on as secure footing, both financially and creatively, had we not participated in IFEA over the last 8 years.  It’s all the members that share their expertise and experiences that give this organization its strength.”

Tom Michel, Festival Director, Producer, and Researcher, Sweden



“…excellent networking opportunities”

“I love IFEA because there are wonderful people you can meet, excellent

networking opportunities and a lot of new ideas, which you can share.

I am a member since nearly 10 years and I feel like part of an international Event and Culture Family.

I am looking forward to the Next Conference.”

 Anette Meisl, La Gala, Köln Germany




“Through the contacts, which have been given to me with help of IFEA, I succeeded to grow the biggest and most important festival in my country, Slovenia.”

Vladimir Rukavina, CFEE, CEO of International Festival Lent, Maribor, Slovenia




“…develops actions in our benefit.

“I always considered IFEA Europe to be a space of breathing, a point of equilibrium, a communication strategy, a possibility of affirmation, a space of reflection, a space for meetings. We should work and be conscientious about this space towards we should go in every action we undertake.

Obviously, a discreet and yet tenacious group of professionals who represent
us, fight for our interests and develops actions in our benefit.”

Aura Corbeanu, Lecturer, Master of Cultural Management and Executive Director of UNITER, the Romanian Association of Theatre People, Romania



“As we are an international festival, networking is very important to us.”

“I recommend other organizations to join the network as they can benefit from the advantages of big networks like IFEA: easier to find other festivals, easier to find partners to a cooperation, their Behind the Scenes Conference is very interesting and deals with up-to-date topics.

IFEA newsletters are on a very high level they are clear and informative.”

 Violetta Vajda, MEDIAWAVE Festival, Gyor Hungary



 “…IFEA Europe is more diverse…”

“It seems to me that the main difference of IFEA Europe in comparison with other European networks is that IFEA Europe is more diverse, multidimensional and liberal.

It does not concentrate so much on creative development of programmes of events and festivals but rather on raising the many sided professionalism in events management. If compared to enterprises, the members of IFEA Europe are in the position of development directors – open, flexible, young, active and incredibly versatile.”


Külli Hansen, Chief Specialist Cultural Department, Tartu City Government (Estonia).



“With each network I get to know different people…”

“I am involved in a number of networks related to Street Arts and Festivals. Each network has something different to offer but there is actually very little overlap between those networks.

Either because they each focus on other elements or when they do discuss the same subjects, each network presents different experts on those subjects and looks at it from different angles; which is amazingly interesting.

With each network I get to know different people, but sometimes it could be great to let them meet and take the best of each network’s experience.”

 Floriane Gaber, Freelance Researcher and Journalist (France).  



“…the best professional investment…”

“I joined IFEA as a student when I was 21 years old. It is the best professional investment I have ever made since the beginning of my career.

Since I joined, I have worked as a volunteer on a number of IFEA committees and served on the Board of Directors and recently accepted my new position as the (part-time) Business Development Manager and Executive of IFEA Europe.

I cherish what I share with other IFEA members and how some became my close friends.

It is very important to me to have international friends whom I can trust and with whom I can privately discuss challenges related to work.”

 Jeroen Mourik, Speaker – Creative Consultant – Artist in Residence (Spain)



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