Young, dynamic, international city on the water

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 Rotterdam's White House
Rotterdam’s White House

Holland’s second-biggest city after Amsterdam, Rotterdam offers nothing short of a truly unique appearance, since the majority of its central buildings are modern, following war damage in the 1940s. Tourists will soon discover that recent building projects have transformed the Dutch city of Rotterdam and given it nothing short of a new lease of life, with stylish architecture and erections such as the breathtaking Euromast and its elevated panoramic restaurant.

Euromast in Rotterdam

The energy and nightlife now present in Rotterdam has had an extremely positive effect on tourism and the local community seems to thrive on the diversity and culture now apparent all over the city. The western side of Rotterdam boasts the busiest harbour in the whole of Europe and the city’s shipping industry dates from the late 16th century.

Tourists will be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds on offer here, ranging from a simple stroll along the banks of the Maas River (Nieuwe Maas) or the Oude Haven area, to enjoying an evening out at one of the endless cheap bars, which are influenced by the resident student population and regularly feature live music. Many hotels line the banks of the Nieuwe Maas, as do Rotterdam apartments, a number of which are based around the Maritime Quarter (Scheepvaartkwartier), Parkhaven district and Westzeedijk area, being close to Het Park and the Park Quay (Parkkade).

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