IFEA Europe Director Is Welcome to Board of Faroe Island G!Festival

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Longstanding IFEA Europe Director Sif Gunnarsdottir has recently been appointed as a Director to the board of one of the most interesting musiv festivals of Europe, the great indie rock’n roll festival of Faroe Islands G!Festival.

Prior to taking up her position with the Faroe Islands Nordic House as Director, Sif was Director of Visit Rekijavik and a key force behind the development of Iceland’s capital portfolio of vibrant and interesting festivals.

The annual three-day celebration of music G! Festival is unique. Sure, music festivals are held on islands and beaches around the world. But G! is something else. Taking over the village of Syðrugøta – population 400 – on the island of Eysturoy, the festival’s stages are built on the beach and the football pitch, right under the windows of houses. Locals welcome the visitors, a refreshing contrast to the grudging reception which can greet festival goers elsewhere.

The Faroes are saturated in music – great music, from metal to folk, from electronic to stirring pop. British music business bulletin CMU was stunned by the home-grown talent, saying “at a festival of a similar size in England, I’d expect to be disappointed by at least a few bands each day. But that was never the case here.” Internationally known Faroese names like Teitur and Eivør are the tip of an iceberg.


G! sounds as though it could be a dream. But it isn’t. However you arrive in the Faroes – by sea, by air. Wherever you stay – the festival’s campsite, bed and breakfast, maybe even a hotel in capital Tórshavn. Whether you’re a local or not. Whoever you see – from Faroese talent to the overseas’ visitors, one thing is certain. By bringing music and this magical place together, G! Festival is unforgettable.



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