The World Bodypainting Festival

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The World Bodypainting Festival is one of the most colorful festivals wowing the audience since 1998. This bizarre event takes place each year over the course of a week in the picturesque Pörtschach, framed by the lake Wörthersee.

Pörtschach is a charming
town in Carinthia located in south of Austria making it the perfect location for this festival.  Created by Alex Barendregt “the World Bodypainting Festival” is a major yearly event in Austria that involves artists and models from over 40 different countries doing their best to shock and entertain visitors.

At the World Championships themes are selected each year and artists from more than 40 different nations compete in different categories such as: Creative Make-up, Special-effects and Face Painting. This year the festival week starts on 29th June with the Global Bodypainting Conference and consist in commercial focus, discussions and demonstrations of the various art products offer.

During this event the WB Academy caters to the amateur make-up artists,
body painters, photographers and models. You will find classes available to all levels with some of the best teachers holding workshops and seminars.


The Body Art Fashion Show combines fashion and body painting in a very unique way.  Make-up artists create a 15 minute show about body art and style. Each day, two fashion designers get to show their collection on the runway. This Bodypaint City turns then into an open-air art exhibition and every corner of the town becomes an art gallery.

There are also many activities for kids, a face-painting tent for the little ones including a glitter contest and much more makes it special for the aspiring young artists.

 Music plays an important role in the festival: various local and international bands, DJs and street musicians, visual effects and fantastic artists entertain guests until the early morning hour.  But the highlight of the final day is the big fireworks display and the legendary colorful after-show party that involves the whole public.

Who knows what the 2014 edition has to offer, in the meantime we can only imagine what wonders will be showed during these colorful and amazing days! May the best win!


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