BOOM Festival is ON!

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The Boom Festival is a biennial transformational festival in central Portugal featuring a variety of music performances, art exhibits and holistic workshops. In the festival’s own words, “Boom is not only a festival, it is a state of mind. Inspired by the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture, Active Participation, Evolution and Love, it is a space where people from all over the world can converge to experience an alternative reality.” These philosophies are shared with other transformational festivals like Burning Man

Boom Festival started in 1997 and since 1998 it has taken place every other year as a weeklong psychedelic trance music festival. Festival-goers come from around the world to enjoy the progressive arts and music that lean towards genres in trance, chillout, and other gentler electronic styles, although festival organizers are always on the lookout for alternate artistic genres. Art and performance play a large role, with circus, street theatre, jugglers, fire shows, film screenings, and amazing talents from all over the world also converging on the festival. Be sure to checkout for the fantastic array of sculptures scattered throughout the grounds.

The main focus of the Boom Festival is to integrate a sustainability ethos with arts and culture to provide a transformational experience for everyone who visits.

It is a festival dedicated to all free spirits, encouraging a change in the way people communicate by eliminating the need for words. Boom adheres to the principle of “thinking outside the box”, reflecting novel ways of expression by unifying the alternative and psychedelic culture of the world, away from the social and cultural influences of day-to-day life.


When: 4th to 11th August
Where: Idanha-a-Nova lake, Portugal
Source: Fest300

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