Fira Tàrrega Summer Camp 2014

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This year’s IFEA Event Management Summer School saw 13 Event Management students and young professionals come from all parts of the world and join together to experience the Fira Tarrega. IFEA offers students the opportunity to meet the directors and professionals and go behind the scenes of the festival and get an insight to the amount of work that is essential to make a festival grow both in significance and status.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of the students had to say:

“I really enjoyed my time in the Summer Camp and it has been such a good opportunity for me to understand more about the festivals and the way they work. I felt like it really benefited me and, in a way, it put me ahead of the others. And it’s been great to see all the different shows and festivals!” 

Meghan Brim, Uk –

“IFEA provides students and young professionals a great experience to be able to network with other professionals, to experience a festival that they may not have ever been familiar with, in a culture they may not have been familiar with. This allows a great growing experience, I think. No matter what level in the industry. It allows for great courses and great experiences and to meet great people.”

                                                                              -Yazhou Xu, China –

Check out the 2014 Summer Camp Video!



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