Whopping Number of Entries For Inaugural European Labelling Programme

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A Hub Meeting of IFEA Management took place in Brussels on January 29 to discuss the tremendous amount of applications received for the European Labelling Project 2014.

Among members of the IFEA Management Team on the day were National Hub Director for Denmark, Allan Grige and Ireland’s National Hub Director, Colm Croffy. Also in attendance on the day were: European Commission Representative, Corinne Rigaud, EFFE Co-Directors, Kathrin Deventer & Hugo De Greef.

hub 2
Photograph Courtesy of EFFE.

Hub Experts were invited to discuss their thoughts on the programme, comments from applicants and the culture field, as well as actions made to promote EFFE and of course, their impressions on this year’s results

The exhibition involved a full days reviewing of the 26 European Hub Interim Labelling Applications. This recruitment process was undertaken by Hub Experts from each country who received the applications with great interest.

A whopping 896 festivals applied for the EFFE Label this year, with festivals from 32 different countries programming various genres showing a great interest in being part of the EFFE Platform. From the applicant festivals received, 71% were from Music programmes, 40% from Dance, and 38% from the Theatre Department. Many other genres such as film, literature, photography and opera were also well represented in the applications.

The international adjudication panel are currently very busy  assessing who the next label participants will be, with a view towards a MAY announcement of results.

It is hoped that by late Autumn this year, a Gala Awards Ceremony will take place in Paris, in which the Inaugural European Festival Awards will be delivered.


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