About IFEA Europe

Founded in 1992, the International Festivals and Events Association Europe – IFEA Europe – is the European affiliate of IFEA World. For the past 50 years, IFEA has served as the global network organization for professionals who work in the cultural festivals and public events sector. The IFEA is represented in 40 countries on 5 continents and it is the worlds largest network for festivals & events. It spans the industry from world-renowned cultural festivals to small community events.

Members of IFEA come together to share ideas. knowledge and best practice, to facilitate personal and professional development and to promote networking and international exchange.

Members include public and private organisers, city officials, festival managers and marketing personnel,  tourist destination organisations, venue managers, suppliers, academic researchers, and many others. IFEA is also open to students aiming for a professional career in public events management.

The diversity of IFEA is reflected in the subjects, speakers and delegates at our annual European conference as well as regular “behind-the-scenes” events, our e-newsletters, international webinars and ,many further activities throughout the year. A strong focus is given to research and practice in areas such as sponsorship, programming, community engagement, staffing and volunteer issues, crowd safety, environmental sustainability, tourism and destination branding through events.

IFEA provides a framework for strong personal and professional networks and relationships, and aims for constant improvement of skills, knowledge, and practice within the sector.


Our aim is to bring together cultural festival and events organisations, city promoters and various other related bodies in order to share ideas and best practice, increase the knowledge and skills of our members, and to promote networking, both amongst our members and between them and related bodies, to create a cultural international platform contributing to the development and unfolding of cultural identities, ideas and art in all its manifestations.


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