How We Work

Connecting Festival and Public Event Professionals around the world

 Discover the power of networking!


IFEA Europe connects you to:

  • Cultural festivals
  • Public events organizations
  • Policy makers
  • Destination marketers
  • Consultants
  • Suppliers
  • Researchers and universities


In addition to many other related bodies and professionals, in order to share ideas and best practice, to develop your knowledge and skills, to promote networking, partnerships and exchange between you and other members and stakeholders in our industry.

Our members love the variety of people from different subject areas that our global network offers. They would love you to be part of it too and share with them your expertiseexperience and enthusiasm for the work you do.

IFEA Europe’s membership is very diverse but we are all united in our desire to produce professionally run festivals and events that have a sound financial base. We like to innovate and develop the organizations we work for, and of course ourselves.

Join IFEA Europe today and help us to grow your potential!!

IFEA Europe’s is a not for profit-organization and our income comes from its membership fees, conference fees and grants. By joining IFEA you do not only support your industry, you also raise your profile and credibility as a stakeholder who makes an active contribution to the international festivals and events industry.

Participate, you and the organizations you are associated with, will benefit

Together with conferences, cyber-events, ‘Behind the Scenes’ Sessions and Special Interest Meetings, we provide a forum for improving your knowledge and generally developing professionalism in the dynamic festivals and public events sector.

IFEA members share their ideas and best practice in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Besides the European organization there are sister organizations in AsiaAustraliaNorth and South America and the Middle East. Worldwide our association has around 4,000 members and been in existence for more than 50 years.


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