The Board

ALLAN XENIUS GRIGE, Chairman. Senior Consultant, Theatre Projects, and lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

axg_pConsultant and cultural innovator Allan Xenius Grige has more than 30 years’ experience in the international performing arts and cultural management industry. He spent 10 years in sales, marketing, tour management, community service, and event development for the multicultural, educational performance group “Up with People” in North America and Europe. He also served 3 years as the organisation’s European Communications and Admissions Director. He was marketing co-ordinator for the DR National Symphony Orchestra and Choir during Copenhagen’s year as EU Cultural Capital 1996, and from 1997-2003, he was Managing & Artistic Director of the Esbjerg Performing Arts Center. In this period, he chaired Esbjerg’s “St. Petersburg Russian Arts Festival” and Ribe County’s “Images of Asia” festival, and was involved with the Esbjerg Festival and WestCoast Jazz.

Prior to founding his own company Copenhagen Arts & Culture Consult (CACC) in 2006, he spent 3 years as General Manager of the DR Copenhagen Concert Hall in its pre-launch phase, developing operations for Denmark’s new national concert hall designed by Jean Nouvel and operated in the framework of DR Danish Broadcasting Corporation. In the framework of CACC, he was lead consultant to Harpa, the Icelandic National Concert and Conference Centre in Reykjavik, and worked as advisor to festivals and cultural venues across Europe. In 2014, he joined London and Connecticut based Theatre Projects as a Senior Consultant.

Allan is an external lecturer in Festival & Events Management and other topics at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Tourism & Culture Management. He was founding chairman of FED, Association for Festivals & Events in Denmark, in 2005, and has been Chairman of the Board of IFEA Europe since 2006.

WILLIAM CULVER-DODDS, Deputy Chairman. Cultural consulant, Culver-Dodds, England

William_Culver-Dodds_400x400William Culver-Dodds is an arts and cultural consultant specialising in strategic planning for public events and festivals, creative programming, fundraising and sponsorship across the cultural, social enterprise.

With more than 25 years in arts management, he is a past board member of the British Arts Festivals Association (BAFA), and a Visiting Fellow of Festivals, Culture and the Arts at Leeds Metropolitan University. William was Chief Executive of Harrogate International Festivals for 15 years, responsible for strategic policy, governance, programming development, major fundraising and financial management. When he started, Harrogate Festival was a stand-alone summer classical music event. By the time he left William had turned the summer festival into an international event presenting artists of all genres and developed the organisation into a year round cultural powerhouse. During this time he set up 5 new festivals and events; Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival and Crime Novel of the Year; Harrogate International Sunday Series of classical coffee concerts; North Yorkshire Youth Music Action Zone leading this region-wide youth agency; Carnegie Sporting Words Festival in partnership with Leeds Metropolitan University and BBC Sport; H20 Festival of outdoor performance arts, a partnership with Yorkshire Water.

COLM CROFFY, Treasurer. Chairman of the Association of Irish Festivals & Events (AOIFE), Ireland

colm CroffyDuring his time with the Republic of Ireland’s Mary From Dungloe Festival, Croffy became instrumental in linking the festival with a committee from the Ballyclare Festival in Northern Ireland as part of the program for peace and reconciliation in this country. When he became Executive of the AOIFE, he expanded this highly successful linkage concept to cover all festivals in Northern Ireland with the border counties of the Republic of Ireland.

Under Croffy’s leadership, the AOIFE has grown to more than 360 festivals. He has helped the festival sector and with it the people of Ireland through the Community Festivals Networking Programme. The program, devised by Croffy in conjunction with the charity Hospitality Ireland, is aimed at using tourism as a global industry to promote peace and understanding between the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Dr. PHILIP LONG, Secretary. Associate Dean, Head of Tourism Academic Group at Bournemouth University, England

Dr Philip Long is Principal Research Fellow and Assistant Director at the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds Metropolitan University. He is a Council of Management member of the Tourism Management Institute, the professional body for destination managers in the UK. He leads on research and professional development programmes for these associations.

His research interests include the relationships between festivals, cultural events and tourism, with particular attention to diaspora community and sub-cultural festivals and their tourism dimensions. A second area of interest centres on social exclusion and tourism. In contrast, he also has an interest in the relationships between royalty and tourism. A third area concerns connections between tourism and the media. Partnerships and collaboration in tourism development is Phil’s fourth main area of research interest.

STEVEN WOOD SCHMADER, CFEE. Board Member. President & CEO of IFEA World, Boise, Idaho, USA

Steven Wood SchmaderSteven Wood Schmader, CFEE, is the President & CEO of the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA World), and a past Chairman of the IFEA World Board of Directors (1999). He also serves as the publisher and editor of “i.e.: The Business of International Events”. Previously, Schmader served for 11 years as the President & Founder of the original Boise River Festival, which enjoyed the support of more than 750 sponsors and 4000 volunteers and gained recognition as “One of the Top 10 Summer Festivals”, “One of the Top 10 Parades” and the “Best (Hot-Air) Ballooning Event” in the United States. Schmader founded and served as President for NCAA college football’s “Humanitarian Bowl”; acted as Executive Producer of the Boise 2000 Millennium Celebration, spent twelve years as the Director of Special Events for the international, educational and performing organization Up With People; and oversaw the development, production and/or direction of the Inauguration Celebration and Gala for Idaho Governor (also U.S. Secretary of the Interior) Dirk Kempthorne; Up With People’s 25th Anniversary “Silver Celebration”; the “Welcome Home Celebration” for released U.S. hostage Jesse ‘Jon’ Turner; the annual induction ceremonies for the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame; the Bicentennial Presidential Inauguration of George Bush, Sr.; the opening of the 60th annual Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade; the Washington, D.C. 4th of July “Celebration on the Mall;” and the Super Bowl XX half-time spectacular.

On the academic side he has served on the International Advisory Councils for the Event Management Program at George Washington University (Washington, D.C.), Johnson & Wales University (Providence, RI), and as an Executive of Residence for the Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) School of Tourism & Hospitality Management. He is currently a Distinguished Consultant to the International Centre for the Study of Planned Events (a part of the School of Business, Enterprise and Management) at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland and an Executive Advisor to the Event Management Program at Middlesex University in Dubai. In 2005 he was featured as a “Profile in Event Leadership’ for Special Events: Event Leadership for a New World (4th Edition). He is the co-author of “Special Events: Inside & Out”; a contributing author of the complete library of IFEA resources; “Building Marketing Alliances”; Festival & Special Event Management (4th Edition) and the forward author for “The Sponsor Seeker’s Toolkit” (3rd Edition).

SIF GUNNARSDOTTIR, Board Member. Director at The Nordic House, Faroe Islands

SIF GUNNARSDOTTIR 1Sif Gunnarsdóttir was appointed Director of the Nordic House in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, in 2014.

Previously, worked with Visit Reykjavik – at first as the city’s event manager (since 2002), later as Director of Visit Reykjavik (since 2008).  Visit Reykjavik is the destination marketing office for the City of Reykjavik as well as a festival office being responsible for festivals such as Culture Night, Winter Lights Festival, Festival of the Sea and others.

Sif studied Danish at the University of Iceland. After receiving her B.A. she worked as journalist for two years at the Icelandic State Radio after which she finished a masters degree in Cultural Studies at the University in Odense in Denmark. Sif has written about films both for radio and newspapers and has been on the jury of the Nordic Film price since 2002.


JOOST TER WAARBEEK, Board Member. Treasurer/Secretary at Haarlem – Santiago Foundation and Managing Partner – Redwood Eventmanagement Academy, The Netherlands

Joost ter Waarbeek1Joost ter Waarbeek has been in the event management industry through-out his carreer, having been organiser of major events, festivals, concerts, awards programmes, and numerous other projects. As an independent consultant (JTW Consultants) since 2006, he has advised city counsils and independent organisers throughout The Netherlands on programming, organisation, and marketing strategies. He was interrim manager of culture marketing at Rotterdam Festivals (2001-2003), a Cultural Advisory Board member to the City of Alkemaar (2003-2009), and founder/director of the Dutch National Event Awards (2001-2014).

Since 2007, Joost has been a research fellow and lecturer at InHolland University for Applied Sciences. He is also Chairman of the Signway Foundation, a charity programme that aims to make festivals & events more accessible for people with limitations. He joined the board of IFEA Europe in 2008.



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