Conferences and other Events

Waves Festival Vordingborg

In just a few weeks, the IFEA Europe summer conference “Small Town Festivals With A World View” is coming up in Vordingborg, Denmark. It takes place in the midst of one of northern Europe’s most vibrant theatre festivals, The Waves Festival. The conference programme offers many opportunities to attend performances and engage with artists!

A number of exciting festivals from Europe and the Middle East will join us to talk about their reality and ambitions: Mirabilia Festival, Passage
Festivalen, Halmstad International Streetart Festival, Full Moon Dance Festival, Copenhagen Opera Festival, Stockton Riverside Festival/SIRF, Over Het, Fujairah International Monodrama Festival, IMRAMA Travel Writing Festival, Cratère Durfaces/Alès International Outdoor Festival and Tordenskjoldsdagene. Speakers also include industry leaders such as Trevor Davies (Copenhagen Metropolis Festival), Paul Gudgin (City of London Festivals, formerly Edinburgh Festival), Willian Culver-Dodds (formerly Harrogate Festivals), Yohann Floch (FACE) and Allan Xenius Grige (Theatre Projects/Copenhagen Business School/IFEA Europe).

We invite festival leaders, board members, politicians, consultants and everybody who is passionate about art to come and learn, and to be inspired as to how the festivals profile themselves and how they develop their local communities by opening the artistic door to the rest of the world.

Price for participation: 2500 DKK (335€) covers seminar, food and performances – which is quite a deal!

For details about registration, hotel booking, and deadlines, see the attach info letter and programme.

Small town seminar invite (4)-page-001

Small town seminar invite (4)-page-002Small town seminar invite (4)-page-003


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