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Esteemed Colleagues,

We would like to present to you our University Programme for the year 2015, especially designed to create useful links between professors, students and experts in the sector of event managing.

During the whole year our experts and speakers will visit your universities and issue seminars and conference, and provide internship placements for your students.

We really hope our offer will meet your need for a strong connection between the world of work and universities, thus building new opportunities for students, universities and companies.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn‘.

As Benjamin Franklin said, there is no real improvement and no real learning without personal involvement.

As an association promoting culture, knowledge and networking, IFEA Europe would really much like to work with university for a direct and massive involvement of students in its meetings and activities.

We firmly believe that there is no more successful way to be taught than seeing and working first hand with the experts of the sector in an international environment.

For these reasons we have developed an affiliate programme for universities, hoping to create useful links between experts in the sector and students willing to learn and grow personally.

The Defined Benefits of our programme are many:

  • You will gain status as University ‘Affiliate’ Membership in IFEA Europe, thus assuring students and investors that your University clearly understands the profession that you are teaching and that you maintain close ties to the global professional association representing that industry.
  • The right to use the IFEA Europe Logo on you courses, marketing as an Affiliate Member.
  • IFEA Europe will work with your University to provide professional industry speakers to present interventions and seminars to your students two times throughout your school calendar year. Speakers will be provided free of charge.
  • Free registration to the IFEA Europe Annual Conference (peripheral tours and activities not included) for one representative of your University.
  • Member – Discounted Rates to all IFEA Europe and IFEA World conventions and program activities for your University staff and students.
  • IFEA Europe will guarantee your University a minimum of four discounted Student places at our annual conference.
  • IFEA Europe will guarantee your University a minimum of two discounted Student Placements at the Annual European Festival Management Summer Camp (from September 2015)
  • Your University Students enrolled in your relevant programmes enjoy Student Discount Membership Rates – currently €25 per year.
  • Your University Students can apply for Foundation Scholarships to attend the WORLD conference in Mid September in Kansas 2015.
  • Regular Member benefits including Ezine, Website, Facebook, Blog,  LinkedIn and industry/ sector updates.
  • Internship placements for your students.

All the above with the cheapest defined costs of the sector:

  • Once Off Regional Affiliation Fee of €1,200.
  • Annual Subscription of €495 payable every 12 months thereafter (or convertible in free usage of the University facilities for seminars and conferences).

Very convenient additional optional costs include:

  • Annual Discounted Conference Student Rate (E.g. Nice €75 per student)
  • Annual Discounted Cost of Five Day Student Summer Camp €325
  • Faculty / Tutors in attendance at Member Discounted Rate
  • Behind the Scenes – to be advised
  • Speakers To Campus – Travel, Ground Transport & Accommodation & visiting lecturer hospitality.

We work hard to keep prices low, since we are aware that the budgets of universities have been reduced, because we firmly believe in the invaluable price of education and experience.

Should you require any further information about the University Programme or about IFEA Membership please do not hesitate contacting IFEA Europe at the email address: ifea@aoifeonline.com

University Affiliation Programme

IFEA Europe Certification Letter


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